Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Lecture: Defining Disease with Big Data

    Disease have historically been defined from their clinical presentation including symptoms and objective findings. Along with the ongoing biotechnical revolution and its inherent possibilities to characterize individual people at the most basal cellular and molecular level with respect to their entire genome, transcriptome, proteome, epigenome, microbiome, metabolome, lipidome etc., our insights into distinct disease etiologies as well as category defining and predictive biomarkers is rapidly increasing. This combined with larger, more detailed, prospective and more reliable patient registries has opened up for unique opportunities to understand the heterogeneity of current disease classifications, and subsequently to re- and subclassify diseases in new and more clinical useful and logical ways according to distinct etiology, treatment needs and prognosis etc. This lecture will illustrate where we are today with respect to classifying and subgrouping one of the largest and most common chronic diseases, namely type 2 diabetes. The respective speakers will address current and future potentials of using “big data” to understand and subclassify type 2 diabetes, and how this may provide the needed breakthroughs in precision medicine in the disease.

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    17 June 2021


    Søren Brunak Professor, University of Copenhagen
    Emma Ahlqvist Associate Researcher, Lund University
    Allan Arthur Vaag Research leader, Steno Diabetes Center

    NB Please note that the lecture starts an hour earlier than usual due to the soccer game between Denmark and Belgium.


    2:45 pm Arrival & registration
    3:00 pm Welcome w/ Martin Ridderstråle, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Patient Care, Novo Nordisk Fonden
    Live stream begins
    3:05 pm “Defining clinical meaningful subsegments in type 2 diabetes”
    by Emma Ahlqvist, Associate researcher at Lund University
    3:35 pm “Roadmap towards precision medicine in type 2 diabetes”
    by Allan Arthur Vaag, Research Leader at Steno Diabetes Center
    4:05 pm “The potential of big data to advance precision medicine in type 2 diabetes and its comorbidtities”
    by Søren Brunak, Research director, Professor at the University of Copenhagen
    4:30 pm End of lecture
    Live stream ends
    4:30 pm Networking
    Drinks and snacks for physical attendees
    5:30 pm Thank you for today!
    *Note that the program is preliminary and might be subject to changes.

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