Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Conference: Cell Factories and Biosustainability

    Rapid development of novel cell factories is currently a main barrier for advancing towards sustainable production of chemicals, materials, and pharmaceuticals. Advancement in computational and experimental methods for detailed phenotypic characterization of cell factories offer the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost and development time for establishment of novel bioprocesses. At this conference there will be presentations of state-of-the-art technologies that can accelerate cell factory development, including tools for rapid genome editing, computational identification of metabolic engineering targets, and detailed phenotypic characterization.

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    17-21 May 2015


    Barbara Methe J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), La Jolla, United States
    Bernhard Hauer Institute of Technical Biochemistry, University of Stuttgarg, Germany
    Bernhard Ø. Palsson University of California, United States / NNF Center for Biosustainability, DTU, Denmark
    Chris Voigt Dept. of Biological Engineering, MIT, United States
    Christopher Ryan Gevo, Englewood, United States
    Derek Lovley Dept. of Microbiology, University of Massachusetts, United States
    Emma Frow School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Hector Garcia Martin Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, United States
    George Guo-Qiang Chen School of Life Science, Tsinghua University, China
    Harris Wang Columbia University Medical Center, New York, United States
    Jim Millis BioAmber Inc., Minnesota, United States
    Jennifer Holmgren Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF), Cornell University, Ithaca, United States
    Nathan Price Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, United States
    Paola Picotti ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Peter Dürre Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Ulm, Germany
    Susannah Tringe DOE Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, United States
    Tiangang Liu Wuhan University, China
    Victor de Lorenzo Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, Madrid, Spain
    Wolfgang Wiechert Institute of Bio- and Geosciences, Jülich Forschungszentrum, Germany

    Conference topics

    Conference topics

    Enzyme Engineering
    Standardization / Biobricks
    Emerging Technologies
    Genome Editing
    Modeling of Metabolism
    Cell Factory Applications
    Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing
    Genome Synthesis
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