Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Conference: Cell Factories & Biosustainability

    Cellular factories are expected to play a significant role in chemical manufacturing over the coming decades as we develop sustainable societies and lifestyles. The spectrum of compounds that can be made with cellular factories ranges from commodity chemicals, on the low end of the price scale, to therapeutic molecules, on the high end. A number of important technological drivers, both experimental and computational, have made cellular factories a realistic prospect to achieve this goal.

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    05-09 May 2013


    Abhay Joshi
    Alan Berry
    Byung-Kwan Cho
    Costas Maranas
    Danilo Porro
    Gregory Stephanopoulos
    Guyn-Min Lee
    Hal S. Alper
    Hatzimanikatis Vassily
    Jack T. Pronk
    James Liao
    Jay Kiesling
    Jeff Lievense
    Jens Nielsen
    John Pierce
    Kristala L. Jones Prather
    Martin Fussenegger
    Michael J. Betenbaugh
    Nicole Borth
    Ryan Gill
    Sang Yup Lee

    Conference topics

    Conference topics

    Technical driver for change in designing cell factories
    Genome-scale science
    Experience with cell factories: bacteria, yeast and CHO cells
    Practical implementation of cell factories
    Mini ‘debates’ on current and critical issues
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