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    Copenhagen Bioscience Conference 2018: The Stem Cell Niche

    Thank you very much to all participants, who helped us to successfully carry out the 13th Copenhagen Bioscience Conference.

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    27-31 May 2018


    Christine Mummery Leiden University Medical Center
    Connie Eaves BC Cancer Agency
    Dominique Bonnet The Francis Crick Institute
    Doug Sipp RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan
    Eirini Papapetrou Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Eric D. Siggia The Rockefeller University
    Fernando Camargo Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University
    Hiro Nakauchi Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University
    Jane Visvader The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
    John Dick University of Toronto
    Juergen Knoblich IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
    Konrad Hochedlinger Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University
    Lori Sussel University of Colorado
    Mark Krasnow Stanford University
    Matthias Lütolf École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL
    Mike Levine Lewis-Sigler Institute
    Nancy Papalopulu The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
    Nipam Patel University of California, Berkeley, USA
    Nissim Benvenisty The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Peter Currie EMBL Australia
    Petra Hajkova MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS)
    Roel Nusse Stanford University
    Rusty Gage Salk Institute
    Ryoichiro Kageyama Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University
    Steven A. Goldman University of Copenhagen/University of Rochester Medical Center

    Thank you very much to all participants, who helped us to successfully carry out the 13th Copenhagen Bioscience Conference.

    Please click the link for the draft programme.

    In recent years, Stem cell research has exploded with potential future applications in regenerative medicine, disease modelling and drug testing.  However, to fully embrace this unprecedented potential, scientists have to further understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern the ability of stem cells to self-renew and differentiate into the diverse range of specialized cells. This meeting takes the concept of the niche in the broadest possible sense focusing on understanding how external cues link with intrinsic stem cell and developmental programmes, to understand the general principles that govern differentiation and how they malfunction in disease.  As such, “The Stem Cell Niche,” will bring together world-leading researchers in stem and progenitor cell biology in enviroment that stimulates discussion and the exchange of ideas very similar to a Gordon conference. The topics will focus on key challenges in stem cell biology including “Cancer Stem Cells”, “Stem Cells of Mesodermal Origin”, “Reprogramming and Pluripotency”, “Neural Stem Cells”, “Tissue Homeostasis and Repair” and much more.


    Some applicants will be invited to give a short talk during the conference based on their submitted abstract. Selected applicants will be notified in the beginning of March 2018.

    Registration fee, accommodation and local costs for all approved applicants are covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Only travel expenses to and from the conference venue at own expense. For more practical information click here.

    For more practical details, please click here