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    Lecture: Discovery of Novel Antibiotics

    The Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures are a series of open lectures for all researchers and other interested in and around the Copenhagen area. Every 4 weeks, on a Thursday evening, you are invited for lectures on themes with a general interest for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers and bioscience researchers in general. Often there will be a cross-disciplinary focus. We are happy to announce Tilmann Weber, Professor at NNF Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark, and Lone Gram, Professor at the Department for Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Technical University of Denmark.

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    10 January 2019


    Tilmann Weber Professor at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability
    Lone Gram Professor at the Department for Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Technical University of Denmark

    Integration of Informatics and Metabolic Engineering for the discovery of Novel Antibiotics

    Tilmann Weber: The DNA treasure hunt – how genomics data helps us to find novel antibioticsMost antibiotics that we use to treat infectious diseases are, or are derived from microorganisms.
    While in the past, most of these compounds were identified in classical screening campaigns, nowadays omics technologies play a crucial role in the antimicrobial drug discovery process. Genome analyses of antibiotics producing microorganisms indicate that their genetic potential to synthesize secondary metabolites goes far beyond the number of molecules observed in traditional screenings. Thus, mining the genomic data for natural products biosynthetic pathways has emerged as an important technology complementing the chemical approaches. In this talk, I will introduce our strategies and bioinformatics tools to mine such data and use it as a basis for understanding and engineering the biosynthesis of the chemically very complicated molecules.

    Lone Gram: Secondary metabolites from marine bacteria: use in biotechnology and role in ecology
    Mankind is in dire need for novel antibiotics. Most of our current antibiotics are derived from terrestrial (soil) microorganisms, in particular Streptomyces and filamentous fungi. Bioprospecting hitherto un-explored ecosystems and organisms is one of several strategies to find novel compounds. In this talk, the potential of marine bacteria as source of novel antibiotics is discussed with special emphasis on ecology-based approaches to unlocking the large potential of Gram-negative bacteria.


    3:45 pm Welcome and registration (coffee/tea, water available)
    4:00 pm Start of the lecture
    5:30 pm Networking with a drink and a snack
    6:30 pm Thank you for a splendid end of day!
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