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    Copenhagen Bioscience Lecture - Why and how we age

    The Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures are a series of open lectures for all researchers and other interested in and around the Copenhagen area. Every 4 weeks, on a Thursday evening, you are invited for lectures on themes with a general interest for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers and bioscience researchers in general. Often there will be a cross-disciplinary focus. The lecture on the 14th of June 2018 features Rudi Westendorp and Maarten Rozing from the Department for Public Health and Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen. Although human ageing has many dimensions, at its heart it is a biological process that we share with a very broad range of animal species. If we are to understand ageing we must therefore comprehend at least the broad principles of its biology, since these provide the fundamental matrix upon which social and other factors are based. There is a particular importance in addressing the biology of ageing now, at a time when many preconceptions about the ageing process, such as that it is an essentially fixed, ineluctable part of our biological make-up are being challenged. First, the continuing increases in life expectancy show that contrary to all predictions, life expectancy has not settled at some ceiling imposed by genetic programming. Second, new biological understanding of the basic mechanisms of ageing reveal that the process is intrinsically more malleable than most of us have yet appreciated.

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    14 June 2018


    Rudi Westendorp Professor of Medicine at Old age at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Maarten Rozing Assistant Professor of Medicine at Old age at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark


    Registration is completely free of charge, but mandatory.


    Rudi Westendorp (1959) is professor of Medicine at Old age at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2015) where he performs state-of-the-art and inter-disciplinary research within the Department of Public health and the Center for Healthy Aging. Understanding the regulation of human life history is a necessary step towards ‘personalized aging’ allowing people to live a healthier life for longer. In order to achieve this aim, he makes use of ‘big data’ and ‘computational power’ within Statistics Denmark for observational studies and exploit the vibrant environment in the Mærsk Tower when performing experimental studies. I’m continuously in dialogue with Danish citizens and stakeholders as the acquisition, handling and interpretation of personal data necessitates transparency and trust.

    Trained at Leiden University, the Netherlands he became a consultant in internal medicine and epidemiology and later dedicated himself into geriatrics and gerontology. He was full professor at the Leiden University Medical Center, and chair of the department of old age medicine (2000-2014). He was founding director of the privately funded Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing (2007-2014) that conducts research, provides education and pursues societal innovations to improve quality of life of older people. He acquainted ample national and European grants, published more than 600+ original articles with an h-index of 80+, and supervised over 50+ PhD students of which three of them have been appointed full professor. He published the bestseller ‘Growing older without feeling old’ that is translated in nine languages. He was endowed doctor honoris causa by the University of Newcastle, UK (2009), and received a knighthood in the order of the Dutch Lion (2014).

    Maarten Rozing (1979), MD, PhD, is assistant professor at the Department of General Practice and the Center for Healthy Aging at Copenhagen University. His work is centered on the physical and mental aspects of aging. Maarten Rozing received his specialty training as a neuropsychiatrist at the VU medical center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD on the role of thyroid and glucose metabolism in human aging, from the University of Leiden in 2012.


    3:45 pm Welcome and registration (coffee/tea, water available)
    4:00 pm Start of the lecture
    5:30 pm Networking with a drink and a snack
    6:30 pm Thank you for a splendid end of day!
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    I would like to know about upcoming Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures – where can I find information?

    You are very welcome to join the ‘Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers’ Linkedin group. There you will find information about upcoming lectures, and much more. Also, you may want to sign up for the weekly announcement with events and deadlines, sent out by the group manager.

    What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

    The organiser offers to pay for a taxi on the following conditions: it has to be transport from either Panum/Mærsk Tower or DTU building 220, if you are at least 3 people in a taxi. This is how it works: you arrange yourself for a taxi from Blegdamsvej or from Kemitorvet, find at least 2 other people to take the taxi with, and at arrival at Tuborg Havnevej 19 you ask Sophie to come and pay for the taxi (they’ll check departure address and number of persons in the taxi), as well as to order your taxi back.

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    Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

    Contact Sophie Labrosse at sfeb@novo.dk

    How do I cancel my participation?

    Please help us respecting our speakers, as well as keeping track of the numbers and optimize lecture and catering to the audience by cancelling as soon as you know that you exceptionally will not be able to make it. You can either cancel through Eventbrite or send an email to Sophie Labrosse (sfeb@novo.dk).

    Can I update my registration information?

    Yes, just log in to Eventbrite. Please use this option also in the unlikely event that you need to cancel your registration.

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    No, you do not have to bring your ticket, but registration is mandatory for participation.