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    Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures

    The Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures are a series of open lectures for all researchers and other interested in and around the Copenhagen area. Every 4 weeks, on a Thursday evening, you are invited for lectures on themes with a general interest for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers and bioscience researchers in general. Often there will be a cross-disciplinary focus. The lecture on 18 May 2017 will give you an insight law and regulation issues in biology.

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    18 May 2017


    Prof. Timo Minssen My research concentrates on Intellectual Property- (IP) and Competition Law with a special focus on the pharma, life science & biotech sect$ors. Thus, one principal objective of my research is to explore various legal issues that emerge during the lifecycle of related products and processes, i.e. from research & invention to technology transfer & commercialization.
    Lecturer Peter Gottschalk His current research focuses on the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization. Gottschalk has been a teacher and researcher in international law at the Faculty of law, Lund University. Gottschalk has also practiced business law, specializing in intellectual property law, and served as law clerk at the District Court of Malmö and at the Scania and Blekinge Courts of Appeal


    This lecture discussed the complex interface between standardization, IPRs and open innovation in Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology (jointly referred to as SB). This encompasses the consideration of pressing questions of innovation policy, such as whether the technological plurality of SB is compatible with the existing legislation, policies, institutional and governance frameworks for standardization and IPRs. In particular, the lecture identified actual and potential clashes between standardization efforts and IPRs and analyze how such clashes could be adressed both within the IP framework and through ”user-generated solutions”.

    Access to genetic resources is linked to how states exercise sovereign rights over their resources. In the Nagoya Protocol negotiations, access was a main negotiation issue and concerns were raised that more stringent access rules could stifle research. In addition to general access provisions, Article 8 of the Protocol regulates so called ‘Special Considerations’, including non-commercial research. In the EU, a Regulation on implementation of the Nagoya Protocol governs the access issue through a ‘due diligence’ concept. This lecture described the issue of access to genetic resources for research purposes and discusses how access is governed in the Nagoya Protocol as well as in the EU Regulation on implementation.


    3:45 pm Welcome and registration (coffee/tea, water available)
    4:00 pm Talk by Timo Minssen on ‘Openness, Standardization & Intellectual Property Rights in Synthetic Biology – Towards innovative user-generated solutions’
    4:45 pm Talk by Peter Gottschalk on ‘Access to genetic resources for research purposes’
    5:30 pm Networking with a drink and a snack
    6:30 pm Thank you for a splendid end of day!
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