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    Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshot - with Miguel Alcalde & Fan Liu

    The Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshots seminars are a series of events organized by PhD students of Copenhagen Bioscience PhD program, that aim to target a broad audience of scientists.

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    02 December 2020


    Miguel Alcalde
    Fan Liu

    On December 2nd we will have guest speakers: Dr. Miguel Alcalde & Prof. Dr. Fan Liu.

    The seminar will be held virtually – follow this link to register.

    Dr. Miguel Alcalde:
    The fungal ligninolytic secretome represents one of the most powerful natural oxidative enzyme systems with respect to its outstanding redox potential and huge substrate promiscuity. Directed evolution has been employed to push the properties of laccases, peroxidases, peroxygenases and H2O2 supplying enzymes beyond their natural limits. In this lecture, Miguel will summarize the repertoire of strategies in the evolutionary journey that has taken the ligninolytic secretome from the forest to the laboratory bench, presenting some of their most successful and recent case studies.

    Prof. Dr. Fan Liu:
    Proteins are involved in almost all cellular processes. They are organized through extensive networks of interactions, regulating the working mechanisms of the cell with high fidelity and precision. To investigate complex protein interaction networks, we have developed a high-throughput approach for comprehensive protein interactome profiling based on cross-linking mass spectrometry (XL-MS). We applied this novel XL-MS strategy to several highly complex samples, such as the mitochondria and the neuronal synapse. In these studies, XL-MS allows covalent capturing of the entire interaction network of all membrane proteins in association with their regulatory partners. Thus, it captures a snapshot of functional protein networks prior to protein extraction under detergent conditions, enabling directly profiling of the native assembly of macromolecular machineries and their cross-talk.


    Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshot’ is a seminar started by CPH Bioscience PhD students in 2019, and supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Check our seminars page for details of past and planned events.


    3:00 pm Miguel Alcalde: Directed evolution of customized fungal ligninases
    4:00 pm Fan Liu: Mapping the cellular interactome by cross-linking mass spectrometry
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