Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Symposium: Creativity in Biomedical Research

    This event is open for researchers and research leaders within the biomedical field. Priority will be given to researchers from the Copenhagen Area, with an intend of stimulating the collaborations across existing organizations and research areas.

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    27-29 October 2021


    Susan Robertson Harvard instructor in the field of applied human creativity and innovation
    Markus Baer Professor, Washington University St. Louis
    Lior Noy HFP consulting

    Tools to foster creative potential in your research, team and collaborations

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    Why an event on creativity in biomedical research?

    Blue skies research and science-based innovation is a central element in tackling present and future societal challenges. In order to facilitate significant scientific breakthroughs and to deliver innovative solutions to societal challenges, we rely heavily on the creativity of individual researchers and of their research institutions. However, creativity does not necessarily flourish by itself in research or along the innovation chain. But research shows that it can be trained and nourished through different approaches!

    How can this stimulate scientific breakthroughs?

    Life science has changed drastically over the last decades, and major breakthroughs are now often fostered by larger cross-disciplinary collaborations that make it possible to combine highly advanced technologies towards one goal. This dramatic expansion of the technological space offers great opportunity for new discoveries. To realize this potential, researchers need to operate creatively across disciplines. Transdisciplinary collaborations can be challenging, but concrete tools can help you!

    Why biomedical research?

    We as organisers have become curious on how training in creative approaches and facilitation of team-based and collaborative creativity can contribute to stimulate scientific breakthroughs. The field of creativity research has developed significantly since the 60’ies, but no focussed approaches has been taken in the life or natural sciences. So, come join us taking a leap into the unknow!


    See the full programme here.

    Mini symposium, October 27:

    Half-day Inspirational seminar with international speakers on how to take a creative approach in research, research teams and collaborations (open for biomedical researchers and research leaders)
    There will be room for 75 participants
    Venue: Novo Nordisk Foundation, Tuborg Havnevej 19, 2900 Hellerup.
    To join the symposium on October 27, please sign up HERE (Deadline October 18, 2021)

    Practical workshop for young researchers, October 28-29:

    Workshop for young researchers on concrete tools to implement creative approaches as part of their research methodology (motivated sign-up with priority for postdocs and assistant professors)
    There will be room for 24 participants
    Venue: Mærsk Tower, Blegdamsvej 3, 2200, Købehavn N.
    To join the workshop on October 28-29, please write directly to Katrine Sonne: katrine.sonne@bric.ku.dk

    Collaborative workshops for research groups, winter 2021-22:

    Facilitated collaborative workshops for 2-3 research groups to stimulate concrete and creative collaborations across established research groups/centres/fields (Upon shared application from 2-3 research groups)
    Application for the facilitated creative workshop is available here: Application form.
    Fill out the form and send it directly to Katrine Sonne: katrine.sonne@bric.ku.dk (Deadline November 5, 2021).
    2-3 workshops will be offered.

    Venue: Workshops for research groups will be planned individually.