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    Lecture: Enhancers, Transcription and Cell Identity (Online)

    This month, we have the pleasure of presenting three prominent speakers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology, DanStem. The lecture will be live-streamed through Vimeo and during the presentations, it will be possible to write questions in the chat.

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    18 March 2021


    Elisabetta Ferretti Associate Professor of Developmental Biology
    Jan Żylicz Associate Professor of Early Development and Epigenetic Regulation
    Joshua Brickman Professor, Danstem

    About DanStem
    Since 2011, DanStem has constituted an international research center solving complex problems in stem cell and developmental biology, spanning early embryonic development and organogenesis through advanced disease development and cell or drug-based therapies.

    Through an increasingly quantitative approach with advanced imaging and single cell analyses, researchers are teasing out the details of how specific cues transduce to gene regulatory events, such as modulation of epigenetic states or gene transcription, to control stem cell behavior. These studies allow us to unravel fundamental issues in the field and facilitate the translation of novel insights into medical practice.

    The center is physically based at BRIC and Panum, and in total it has received DKK 825 million in funding from NNF.


    4:00 pm Welcome
    4:05 pm “Role of chromatin modifiers in regulating enhancer activity” by Jan Żylicz,Associate Professor and Group Leader, Danstem
    4:30 pm “Transcription factor codes unlock signaling response” by Elisabetta Ferretti,Associate Professor of Developmental Biology, Danstem
    5:00 pm “Transcription factors as determinants of enhancer potential rather than activity” by Joshua Brickman,Vice Director and Professor, Danstem
    5:30 pm Thank you for today!
    *Note that this program might be subject to changes

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    What is Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures?

    The Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures is a series of open lectures for all researchers and other interested in and around the Copenhagen area. Every 4 weeks, on a Thursday evening, you are invited for lectures on themes with a general interest for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers and bioscience researchers in general. Often there will be a cross-disciplinary focus.

    Will it be possible to attend physically and virtually?

    Unfortunately, this lecture will only be accessible online.

    Will it be possible to ask questions?

    Yes, and we appreciate your comments very much. You can write them in the chat at any time during the lecture.

    I would like to know about upcoming Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures – where can I find information?

    You are very welcome to join the ‘Copenhagen Bioscience Cluster’s Linkedin and/or Facebook group. There you will find information about upcoming lectures, and much more. Also, you may want to sign up for the weekly announcement with events and deadlines.

    Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

    Contact Johan Jansen at jja@novo.dk

    How do I cancel my participation?

    Please help us respecting our speakers, as well as keeping track of the numbers and optimize lecture and catering to the audience by cancelling as soon as you know that you exceptionally will not be able to make it. You can either cancel through Conference Manager or send an email to Johan Jansen at jja@novo.dk