Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Natural Products (Meta)Genome Mining

    Modern Biology has seen many breakthrough technologies developed in the last decade that are currently transforming science. During the last 10 years, genome mining for secondary/specialized biosynthetic gene clusters has emerged from a niche technology into an indispensable tool for most areas of natural products research – and this is just the beginning… This two-day symposium aims to bring together leading scientists of the field to discuss latest trends in computational genome mining, metagenome mining for secondary/specialised metabolites and connecting these data to metabolomics datasets.

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    30-31 May 2022

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    Eleonora Nigro did some amazing illustrations of the invited speakers’ presentations, that she allowed us to share with you. 

    Eleonora Nigro
    Freelance Illustrator
    Research Assistant, Center of Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR)
    Digital Media Designer (BluBulB), Center of Protein Research (CPR)
    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

    Roger Linington
    Pieter Dorrestein
    Per Halkjær Nielsen
    Nigel Mouncey
    Nicola Segata
    Nadine Ziemert
    Michael Fischbach
    Maude Pupin
    Marnix Medema
    Kate Duncan
    Kai BLin
    Justin van der Hooft
    Francisco Barona Gomez
    Douglas Mitchell