Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

    Conference: The Stem Cell Niche

    About the conference The stem cell niche is the local environment where stem cells reside. The niche instructs the stem cell to either self-renew or differentiate. As such there is a great interest in the stem cell field to further characterize the niche as well as to understand how it controls stem cell behavior. The niche is important both during embryonic development, tissue homeostasis (regeneration) as well as during pathological conditions, such as in cancer.

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    24-28 June 2012


    Alan Clarke
    Austin Smith
    Chris Wright
    Didier Stainier
    Elly Tanaka
    Francois Schweisguth
    Geoff Lindeman
    Guy Sauvageau
    Guy Sauvageau
    Huck Hui Ng
    Janet Rossant
    Janet Rossant
    John Wallingford
    Julie Ahringer
    Margaret Buckingham
    Mike White
    Olivier Pourquie
    Peter Zandstra
    Roger Patient
    Ron McKay
    Shinichi Nishikawa
    Timm Schroeder
    Wendy Bickmore
    Yann Barrandon

    Conference topics

    Conference topics

    Stem Cell Niches
    Cell Fate Specification
    Tissue Patterning
    Cancer Stem Cells
    Stem Cell Expansion
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