Novo Nordisk Foundation Center For Biosustainability

The Center develops novel and innovative technologies for cell-based production of a broad range of chemicals and pharmaceuticals as a contribution to promoting the transformation from an oil-based chemical industry to a more sustainable bio-based industry.

Research and innovation provide the possibility to develop methods for large scale production of sustainable foods, sustainable bio-chemicals and natural products

Using cell factories to produce bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability aims to be a worldwide leader in the design, construction and development of cell factories, and thus be a driver for change towards a more sustainable society. The Center address fundamental issues of bio-sustainability by developing and perfecting big data generation and analytics for microbial genome-scale science and apply it to production strain design.

The Center’s research contributes to a more sustainable production within three application areas: Sustainable Chemicals, Natural Products and Microbial Food. To be successful in these categories, the Center has a Biofoundry ensuring efficient development and implementation of strain design procedures in a Design-Build-Test-Learn workflow using big data and data science. Thus, the goal is to optimise the development of high-performing industrial-grade microbial cell factories for the production of sustainable products.


Partners across the globe

The Center collaborates with the world’s leading researchers within these fields and has established strategic alliances with universities in the United States, Sweden and formalised research collaborations with universities in Australia and South Korea.